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At Home With Gina RedmondWelcome to GinaRedmond.com. Words cannot express how delighted I am that you have chosen to visit my website. It is here that I hope to answer your questions, provide information, and offer a sense of humor to the mundane, often insane happenings of the world. So please, read my blog, tell your friends, and join the conversation. I also welcome any and all recipes. As an avid, novice cook, I am always searching for the next great dish to serve my family for dinner. And finally, I invite you to send in your video requests and let my 20 years of experience in television news work for you. As a partner in VINCAL Productions, LLC—a family-oriented, state of the art Production Company—there isn’t a project I cannot handle. From weddings and graduations to commercials and 30-minute shows-- tell me your needs and I’ll take care of the rest. Again, thanks so much for stopping by. I look forward to your next visit.

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Change Is Coming.... 

Posted by Gina Redmond January 10, 2012
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     I am happy to report that after nearly two years, I am returning to my passion—television news.  It’s not a full-time position.  It’s not even a permanent job, but it is a wonderful opportunity and I am deeply gratefully.  Starting Monday, January 10, 2012, I will begin my new duties anchoring the morning news for CBS 42 in Birmingham.  I will be filling-in for the beautiful Brooke Smith while she is out on maternity leave. (She is about to give birth to her second baby girl.  I am so excited for her!)
     With that said, I welcome your encouragement and support.  After playing stay at home mommy for months—a role I relish and completely enjoy—I may be a little rusty.  So your patience is absolutely appreciated.  I look forward to seeing you through the small screen.



Posted by Gina Redmond August 19, 2011
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I really don’t know the definition of true happiness.  I used to think it was a quiet stroll on the beach or the warm rays of the sun kissing my cheeks on a perfect spring day.  There was a time when I relished the thought of watching the latest movie release or curling up with a good book on a rainy afternoon. The truth is those things don’t bring me true happiness anymore.  These days it’s the toothless smile of a three-month-old little girl named Ava.  Ava is my “surprise” baby--- my third beautiful child, only this one, I wasn’t expecting.  But wow, am I glad that she’s here.  My children have always made me happy.  Their unconditional love sustains me and gives me a sense of purpose.  They never complain about the way I look or comment on how much weight I’ve gained or lost.  They never judge me.  They simply amaze me.  I am so blessed and now I have another blessing to be thankful for.  What is the meaning of true happiness?  I’m sure if I look closely within the pages of any dictionary, I’ll find the names of my three children—Ivan, Whitney, and Ava.

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